Mystic [adjective]

Definition of Mystic:


Opposite/Antonyms of Mystic:

Sentence/Example of Mystic:

It is bitter in Baudelaire, sweet and plaintive in Lamartine, mystic in Verlaine.

You were in a poppy sleep on the mystic flowers of ancient dreams.

There was that mystic depth of expression which comes from ancient Egypt.

But they are, above all, the thoughts of a mystic, moving in a Divine presence.

This, then, was that mystic past against which her figure had stood out!

I belong to the great and mystic brotherhood of mountain worshippers.

He misses the mystic hour when ghosts of the green 128 life are about.

At noon, I pass by a garden redolent of mystic scents and tarry awhile.

There is no mystic enthusiasm or rapturous contemplation of ideas.

He saw it all as by a mystic flash of light, which looked back into the past.