Mysticism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mysticism:

Mysticism of this sort is the very height of spiritual power.

It was from this moment that I was taken with an ardent love for mysticism.

The mysticism of the New England Calvinists sometimes bred fanaticism.

It does not allude to the original from which it is taken; it is quite free from mysticism and Neo-Platonism.

In his youth, however, the mysticism was very nave and straightforward.

He delighted in Lowell, and enjoyed the mysticism of Emerson.

In mysticism it is easy to descend from the sublime to the vile.

Our family was warlike and given to mysticism and asceticism.

I must say that I, for one, never wholly believed in the Mysticism of Hafiz.

Mysticism, in which he was such a fervent adept, here hindered him.