Mystics [noun]

Definition of Mystics:

spiritual leader

Synonyms of Mystics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mystics:


Sentence/Example of Mystics:

It is seen in the half-inspired speculations of the old Indian mystics.

He retreated to the bed and sprawled over a group of the "Mystics."

He delights to find vestiges of his own philosophy in the older German mystics.

And in the hope that he is one of these mystics, Socrates is now departing.

The people fancy they hate poetry, and they are all poets and mystics!

The philosophers and the mystics may perhaps laugh at me, but what do I care?

And so we are called 'mystics' when we preach Christ in the heart.

It is rather the Eternal itself that the Mystics are seeking.

There have been mystics in China, but the Chinese are not mystical.

Mystics, base all religious knowledge on internal feeling, 70.