Mystification [noun]

Definition of Mystification:


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Sentence/Example of Mystification:

Mr Dorrit stood rooted to the carpet, a statue of mystification.

Daily Chronicle: We have seldom read a better piece of mystification.

It was clearly a case upon which they would not admit of any mystification or deceit.

"Why, there is no end to this mystification," cried the boy, impatiently.

The gentleman, as I have told you before, seems devoted to mystification.

I went over the house, and nothing can express my mystification.

Constance eyed him with a degree of mystification on her side.

Rosita looked at her a moment in mystification and then shrugged her shoulders.

It was obvious the expert was enjoying the lad's mystification.

To have been the object of such a mystification, he, a professor of dancing and deportment!