Mystified [verb]

Definition of Mystified:

bewilder, confuse

Synonyms of Mystified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mystified:

Sentence/Example of Mystified:

With a mystified look she returned to the center of the room.

Kendal was mystified, for he saw that it was Iris' delicate chirography.

He told his story in agitated accents, and went to bed a mystified man.

Thorpe gave her the mystified yet uncomplaining glance she knew so well in his eyes.

"There ain't any ablution in the house," said the mystified Hannah.

Doubleday was mystified; then, reflecting, he had an inspiration.

“A half an hour,” he replied, mystified at the turn of the conversation.

And the result had been so amazing that Sir Archibald had not only been mystified 313 but enraged.

And Hermann's countenance, mystified before, became very sour.

Janet looked from one girl to the other in mystified amazement.