Mystifying [adjective]

Definition of Mystifying:


Opposite/Antonyms of Mystifying:

Sentence/Example of Mystifying:

To tell the truth, she's more than half afraid of me, and I delight in mystifying her all I can.

Oh, no, don't tell me that; what good can there be in mystifying me?

Mystifying as were her statements, Jean Brent had the appearance of honesty.

A leader and his accomplice are necessary to this mystifying game.

I consider this little trick to be one of the most mystifying of the Indian conjuror.

As mystifying a tale as even Mr. Fletcher himself has written.

Women, even the loveliest of dream Joannas, are a mystifying race.

The rings are almost as mystifying to-day as they were in the time of Herschel.

The information he brought back to his partners was mystifying.

Temple was dazed by this mystifying address to him; nor could I understand it.