Myth [noun]

Definition of Myth:

fictitious story, often ancient

Synonyms of Myth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Myth:

Sentence/Example of Myth:

All this seemed very plausible and interesting, but it is undoubtedly a myth.

Then Ralph whispered, "We know it was only a myth, don't we?"

The story should follow, if possible, a tale or lesson on the subject of the myth.

That makes me think, Charlie, of a myth there is about the first anemones.

My mother's kind god was a myth and a joke, with no power here one way or the other.

After all, might it not be a literary hoax, we thought, and might not this Khalid be a myth.

Their myth borrowed from the Phœnicians, the Egyptians, and the Romans, from either of the two.

The myth of the Phaedo is of the same type, but it is more cosmological, and also more poetical.

The myth of the Republic is more subtle and also more consistent than either of the two others.

Enough of the myth, which may show us two errors of which we were guilty in our account of the king.