Mythical [adjective]

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The mythical or cosmical element reminds us of the Timaeus, the ideal of the Republic.

The most famous and the longest, is the laws of Manu, a mythical progenitor of mankind.

Here they will exclaim perchance, 'What have you to do with a mythical god?'

Troyan is also the name of a mythical king who often figures in Slavonic legends.

This mythical Wells gang could have been holed up in the city, too, you know.

The mythical Earth-hero, Prometheus, had brought fire down from the skies.

New words are often formed from the names of persons, actual or mythical.

This humourist is gradually “winning his way to the mythical.”

There is a real and unreal, a mythical and a material aspect to Fairy Folk-Lore.

In this chapter shall be given a short history of these mythical animals.