Mythological [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mythological:

One more aspect of the Timaeus remains to be considered—the mythological or geographical.

Here was the mythological monster that the Knickerbocker has become.

For an account of this mythological bird, see the note on next page.

The other is a mythological subject of deeper meaning, the death of Procris.

From the mythological side, Gilgamesh appears to be a solar deity.

The allusions, while obscure, are all of a mythological character.

The mythological legends were 'in the air,' familiar to all the Elizabethan world.

They represent the loves and quarrels of the gods and other mythological stories.

The mythological bas-reliefs have not as yet been sufficiently explained.

The idea of both is mythological, and not in any sense physiological.