Mythologies [noun]

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It is not so with the new fables which the Greeks are continually mixing with their mythology.

May not this hare of the Indian mythology be the moon-dog of some of our own legends?

His mythology, when he came to paint the world in myths, was Manichean.

Like mythology, Greek philosophy has a tendency to personify ideas.

For Plato is in advance of his age in his conception of language, as much as he is in his conception of mythology.

They are a substitute for poetry and mythology; and they are also a reform of mythology.

In this fanciful tale Plato has dropped, or almost dropped, the garb of mythology.

He is arguing 'ad hominem' according to the notions of mythology current in his age.

Nor can many stories be told about gods like these,—the Romans have no mythology.

But Micheals' mind was in mythology now, retreating from the unbearable present.