Myths [noun]

Definition of Myths:

fictitious story, often ancient

Synonyms of Myths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Myths:

Sentence/Example of Myths:

His mythology, when he came to paint the world in myths, was Manichean.

Myths are given, some of them of a horrible character, which do not occur in Homer.

Here also myths and rituals were formed by various processes.

There are no myths of interest connected with these divinities.

As we read the myths of the East and the West we find ever the same story.

We make many discoveries as we study the myths of the North and of the South.

The contradictions between the two myths need not disturb us.

The myths and legends of ancient Egypt are also to some extent involved.

Let us revert to the myths and trace the descent of Minos and his progeny.

Myths are to be judged, as M. Sorel says, by their ability to express aspiration.