Nabbed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Nabbed:

Nero must have slipped in, nabbed the fish, and brought it to our house.

He's nabbed three of the Birdsall gang and is away now after Burleigh.

Good Lord, man, you'll get nabbed if you speed up like this within limits.

It is quite on the cards that we should find that the police have nabbed him.

He nabbed the first passer-by and asked him to point out Dr. Fitzhugh.

If we'd nabbed the fellow, we wouldn't have done a thing to him—not a thing!

Think of the rolls of a thousand he nabbed at his duke's death!

You certainly did a good piece of work when you nabbed this fellow.

"I came near gettin' nabbed; that's what's the matter," said Martin.

Things gets too hot for 'em, and they have to move or be nabbed.