Nacreous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Nacreous:

He abominated the nacreous flesh tones of Titian, Correggio, or Rubens.

It is seldom as much as half an inch in length, and has a nacreous interior.

Inside it is white and nacreous, with a large brown area under the apex.

All the trochids are nacreous within the aperturea character which is constant throughout the family.

Within the aperture the surface is nacreous and greenish in tint; the last whorl is drawn in, like gathers, at the suture.

The shells are nacreous within, and the animal, with its rows of waving cirri upon each side, is very suggestive of Trochus.

It is oblique, with a light-olive epidermis, nacreous interior, and finely crenulated margins.

Moth′er-of-pearl′, the nacreous internal layer of the shells of several molluscs, esp.

Her bright, voluptuous glances upward rise Into the vague and nacreous infinite.

Her boreal bloom doth win Our eyes to feasting rare On rich delight of nacreous skin, And a wealth of whiteness fair.