Nagging [adjective]

Definition of Nagging:


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Sentence/Example of Nagging:

In the second scene of this second act Adriana goes on nagging in almost the same way.

He did not think it was decent of them to be nagging at him like this.

He, himself, already felt the nagging effect of jangling nerves.

Does it occur to you that Mr. Bordman is nagging himself to achieve the inconceivable?

After every nagging letter—thank God they don't write often any more!

"She has spent the entire summer nagging at me," Eleanor concluded.

And what was worse, this time there clung that nagging little doubt.

Tact is required to avoid fault-finding, nagging, and jealousy.

But her goodness doesn't keep her from nagging, my dear Ebenezer.

Again on your hobby-horse, nagging at talent whenever you find it in others!