Naive [adjective]

Definition of Naive:

childlike, trusting

Opposite/Antonyms of Naive:

Sentence/Example of Naive:

She raised her blue eyes toward the ceiling in a naive rapture.

A fellow of some innocence in his naive duplicity, but none the less dangerous.

At this naive statement, the sheepman could not restrain a smile.

Not that I should advise you to imitate this naive way out of a difficulty.

Some of the forms it assumes are simple and naive, like feudal rights.

This wonderful gift was presented in the most naive way imaginable.

"And what a good idea," was Paganel's naive rejoinder to her exclamation.

She looked about her with the naive curiosity I remembered so well.

It was the exact tone of a young baby, a naive and innocent cry.

Yet he was not quite prepared for the naive change in his companion's face.