Naked [adjective]

Definition of Naked:

without covering

Opposite/Antonyms of Naked:

Sentence/Example of Naked:

He was naked save for a linen under shirt and pair of woollen drawers.

In "Lear," Shakespeare was intent on expressing his own disillusion and naked misery.

The people will see beneath the false pretense the bare, naked facts.

Simba accepted the glasses, but first took a good look with the naked eye.

His shirt and hand, and even his naked arm, were stained and blotched with blood.

The naked flats were very wide, and we sallied out, with the bridge as our guide.

Commerce, better than Charity, feeds the hungry and clothes the naked.

Life's naked brutalities had theretofore been largely out of his ken.

He slipped the cloak from his shoulders and stood like Lorenzi, lean and naked.

On their skin you cannot even distinguish the circulating veins with the naked eye.