Namesakes [noun]

Definition of Namesakes:

title given to something, someone

Opposite/Antonyms of Namesakes:

Sentence/Example of Namesakes:

A life-time as long as that conferred upon the namesake of Tithonus.

When he started up, the Godfather Break of Day was peeping at its namesake.

"Daisy will have to be her namesake, of course," said Tennessee.

Prince Alexis was never tired of gazing at his grandson and namesake.

The younger Socrates resembles his namesake in nothing but a name.

His namesake was proving himself true to the traditions of his blood.

I wonder he has said nothing of our brave young lieutenant, his namesake.

“Addio, Costantina,” she waved her hand toward her namesake.

I looked in at my load and I saw that my namesake was worse.

It is a poor affair, the production of his namesake, the sculptor.