Naming [verb]

Definition of Naming:

give a title

Synonyms of Naming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Naming:

Sentence/Example of Naming:

Flower-of-the-Maguey, she was called, and she was beautiful beyond all naming.

If it were so much,” said he, naming a smaller sum, “I could do it.

Naming him was a portentous proceeding and one not to be lightly gone about.

"To the hereafter," says he, naming the station at the end of the route.

That definition requires that the Manxman had no hand in naming Man.

Then she led me to the table, and presented me to the company, naming each to me.

And then, again, in No. 2, his thoughts on naming country houses.

The colonel was naming the houses as they passed, with good old names.

There is some intention, I understand, of naming me as the Nuncio at Florence.

He had long been desirous,” he said, “of naming a child after his dear old friend, Dr. Green.