Napkins [noun]

Definition of Napkins:


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Sentence/Example of Napkins:

Helen Curtis finished her coffee, and laid her napkin beside her plate.

Send them to table hot, wrapped in the folds of a napkin that has been heated.

The abbé had laid down his fork; he held his napkin to his face.

He was bothered by the napkin that was on the plate before him.

As he pulled his napkin out of its folds, Eric stole a glance at Barbara.

Fold a clean napkin the length of your dish the fish is to go up in; take up the fish, unbind it, and lay it on the napkin.

Mr. Carson rolled up his napkin and inserted it in the ring.

He always did tie a napkin around his neck—he spilled his soup so.

The nurse took a napkin off a goblet of chilled fruit juice.

He tucked his napkin under his chin with an air of satisfaction.