Nappy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Nappy:

Nappy raised his cap and bowed pleasantly, both to her and to May.

"I won't talk to you," retorted Nappy Martell, and tried to pass.

"Maybe we can get into the cabin by a back way," suggested Nappy.

"I'm not going to get mixed up in any gun-play," added Nappy.

"They may have seen Slugger and Nappy, or else they may have some news for us," he said.

What Nappy and I ought to do is to pitch into you for having us fired out of the Hall.

"Maybe it's your father and Professor Lemm come back," added Nappy.

Nappy had threatened Fred, and made a savage pass at him with his fist.

The shocking truth stunned him even more than Nappy's punches.

Frankie took to the ropes to make Nappy shorten his punches.