Narcosis [noun]

Definition of Narcosis:

daze, unconsciousness

Synonyms of Narcosis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Narcosis:

Sentence/Example of Narcosis:

Ants show similar symptoms after narcosis by means of chloroform.

He sees already that it is not stimulus but narcosis which is ruining the drunkard.

It is thus probable that no alcohol can be transformed after narcosis begins.

The narcosis has no relation to the stimulation but one of accidental sequence.

The very air of the room was heavy with the narcosis of embarrassment.

But at last, the narcosis of cellular exhaustion completely overcame him and he slept.

It is contrary to all our present science to suppose that consumption can be prevented by narcosis.

Not only this, the intra-ocular tension of normal eyes during this narcosis drops several millimeters.

(·4 grain), in about two hours; there are fibrillar twitchings of single groups of muscles and narcosis.

After fifteen minutes there was narcosis, with lessened reflex action; the temperature was almost normal.