Narrating [verb]

Definition of Narrating:

describe, detail

Synonyms of Narrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Narrating:

Sentence/Example of Narrating:

Vuillet commenced by narrating the entry of the insurgents into Plassans.

In doing so you will have the pleasure of narrating the reason of your fame.

He laughed while narrating this part at the recollection of his polite alacrity.

After a short time the Indians all left the cabin, and the white men held a conference together, narrating past events.

While they were narrating their adventures, others gathered round to listen.

The captain had been narrating some of them to us a few evenings before.

Fanning has the solitary distinction of narrating the other side.

His adventure was so thoroughly characteristic that I may be excused for narrating it.

What I am narrating I have seen, and I am not the only one who saw it.

To judge from his tone in narrating, he said it in no amiable voice.