Narratives [noun]

Definition of Narratives:

story, tale

Synonyms of Narratives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Narratives:


Sentence/Example of Narratives:

All we have to do is to take the narratives at their face meaning.

Hitherto Mr. Temple's narratives had all been about boys and men.

A familiarity with the characters and narratives of the ancient literature.

There are many blanks in her narratives, and Paul feels these must be properly filled.

Reporters vied in their narratives of exciting coincidences.

Uncle's narratives had been so realistic that I began to dread Pierre's departure.

But, for fear of wanting time, I shall mention but two or three Narratives.

In vain I tried to interest her with narratives of my travels.

Most narratives of privateering or of piracy are found in the form of depositions.

The wonderful narratives were resumed; but I had narratives of my own quite as wonderful.