Narrator [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Narrator:

As my narrator grimly expressed it, "Him come back, go to work."

Phaedo, who is the narrator of the dialogue to Echecrates of Phlius.

But the historian must be more than a narrator; he must be an interpreter.

The narrator on joining the sloop had found this man on board after some years of separation.

The tenor, who may be regarded as the Narrator, calls upon the Watchman, "What of the night?"

Immediately the bass Narrator announces the approach of the awful tragedy.

"It is true," said the narrator, and the rest with one voice confirmed him.

He said nothing until the narrator was through, including the account of the cyclone.

"Not of Spain," interrupted Sergius, as the narrator caught his breath.

He yawned rather more than I should have liked had I been the narrator.