Narrower [adjective]

Definition of Narrower:

confined, restricted

Synonyms of Narrower:

Opposite/Antonyms of Narrower:

Sentence/Example of Narrower:

Well does he deserve it, for no man ever had a narrower chance for his life.

It was of the room I slept in, only it was narrower in the dream, and loftier, and the window was gone.

To our left is our own river, the Pahi, narrower than the other.

The driver turned off the road into a narrower lane as soon as it was dark.

In this sense the permanent later love is narrower than first love.

He continued to wave his hat, they continued to grow taller and narrower.

He wasted half an hour before realizing that it was getting no narrower.

The world was narrower then than it is now; and I listened to the world.

Here it was narrower, there wider, but throughout its length it was free and unimpeded.

The third proved to be a smaller house on a narrower street.