Narrows [verb]

Definition of Narrows:

reduce, simplify

Synonyms of Narrows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Narrows:

Sentence/Example of Narrows:

And between ourselves what dupery there is in science, how it narrows our horizon!

Did you tell her—Aunt Keziah—when you met her at the Narrows?

Again he heard the hail––his own name, coming from that point at the narrows.

After a while the batteries along the Narrows slipped into view.

They are sure they will have the whip hand of the Narrows by to-morrow.

Sarrail with his six divisions behind him could open the Narrows in no time.

If you get plenty of wind in the narrows you will easily do it; but be prepared for the worst.

He took the water above the Narrows, about a mile and a half from camp.

I'm fearin' with the way the ice heaves she's gone abroad at the narrows.

His nose is wide at the bridge, but narrows to an unusual point at the end.