Narthex [noun]

Definition of Narthex:

small room for arrivals

Synonyms of Narthex:

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Sentence/Example of Narthex:

The narthex is divided into three bays, separated by heavy arches.

The southern cella, with its narthex, has been entirely destroyed.

It is a basilica with two aisles and apse, narthex and atrium.

The door of the narthex is inserted between the two columns.

It is a triple church, separated by columns and all entered from the narthex.

First the narthex was blown up with gunpowder; then a transept arm.

There is a narthex bay at the western end—a Germanic influence.

There was one west door, a narthex of two bays, and an atrium.

The baptistery is accessible by steps both from the basilica and the narthex.

It was on the phiale or fountain of the outer court of this narthex that the famous palindromic inscription was placed: .