Nascent [adjective]

Definition of Nascent:

undeveloped, beginning

Synonyms of Nascent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nascent:

Sentence/Example of Nascent:

The mystery indeed in which her nascent love had wrapped him had dropped away.

Freneau succeeded admirably in voicing the opinions of the nascent party.

All his nascent intellectual powers were alive and clamorous.

And it is his own hand which has done most to break the nascent slowly-forming tie.

The impulses which it obeys are all new; and it obeys them with its own nascent plasticity of temper.

As the thing is not a nascent passion for Bothwell, it may be an amour with Riccio.

Our task now is to describe all we know about man at this date of nascent civilisation.

The requirements of the nascent ceremonial were not yet fulfilled.

There was something in his tone which sounded like nascent rebellion.

Who will cater to the military needs of this nascent democracy?