Natal [adjective]

Definition of Natal:

innate, inherent

Synonyms of Natal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Natal:

Sentence/Example of Natal:

Still I must ask the lady to make her statement in her natal name.

There were those who knew the bright history of their natal country and adored it.

That they were seen in Natal, South Africa, six months before the eruption.

The Company could no more have taken the Transvaal than it could have taken Natal.

He had commanded Colonials during the hardest fighting in Natal.

At the time of writing this book he was serving as an inspector of schools in Natal.

The change, her natal air, and these souvenirs seemed to do her good.

We could only speculate on help from Natal and the Cape Colony.

In other respects the testimony of Natal was clear and unmistakable.

In Natal and the south we have to deal with unfamiliar conditions.