Nationalist [noun]

Definition of Nationalist:

person who loves his or her country

Synonyms of Nationalist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nationalist:

Sentence/Example of Nationalist:

Other Nationalist members dare not appear in Nationalist quarters.

A Nationalist over the way was about to extend the buildings you see there.

These people have votes, and to a man support the Nationalist party.

According to a Ballina Nationalist this is where the "shock" will come in.

This pronouncement embodies the sentiments of every Nationalist Irishman.

The tone of the Nationalist press should be enough for sensible Englishmen.

Let him support the Nationalist party, and the land becomes his own.

The Nationalist farmers prefer to have twenty-five per cent.

We have two Irishmen in our mess, one a Unionist, the other a Nationalist.

Let us see, from his own words, how much of a nationalist, and what kind of a one he really is.