Nationalization [noun]

Definition of Nationalization:

adjustment to culture

Synonyms of Nationalization:

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Sentence/Example of Nationalization:

The nationalization of education in England dates from 1870.

The sixth point was the nationalization of the railroads and mines.

It might be thought that the nationalization of the land would solve the problem.

The nationalization of the means of production and distribution went on apace.

A craze for the nationalization of the land buzzes in the bonnets of all who have no land.

The nationalization of the telegraphs was initiated with class bribery.

Nationalization is the cardinal fact, the vis major, on each side.

Limitations of armaments and the nationalization of their manufacture.

They've been hollering for the nationalization of the mines for twenty years.

"It won't call for the nationalization of the mines, at any rate," Smith added.