Nationalize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Nationalize:

Understand me, Sir, I do not seek to centralize, but to nationalize.

His formula was “to royalize France and to nationalize the monarchy.”

Details, if fairly studied, would do much to nationalize our architecture.

Even in England the recent movement to nationalize the coal and oil resources is an indication of the general tendency.

As a striking illustration of the truth of this assertion the project of Henry George to nationalize the land may serve us.

A definite proposal to nationalize the railway systems of the Dominion of Canada was made during the war.

The object of the party as defined by M. (afterwards the duc) Decazes was to “nationalize the monarchy and to royalize France.”

Their features were not easy to distinguish; when the Bolshevists assume dominion over us they will not nationalize our soap.

He never was in favor of any, nor (I) opposed to any, till the present one, which helps to Nationalize Slavery.

In view of the need of rapid development of mining by Chinese, it would probably be unwise to nationalize all mines here and now.