Natty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Natty:

He was tiny, but straight as a ramrod in his natty khaki uniform.

She was wonderfully nimble-fingered and natty in all domestic duties.

His hands were gloved, and in one of them he carried a natty umbrella, using it as a cane.

"I think Miss Elizabeth's thoughts should be taken," said Natty.

"And, Natty," said the youth eagerly, still holding the black by the arm.

It is by no means certain, Natty, but I gave him one of the two.

But Natty had his peculiar habits, and, it would seem, his peculiar tastes also.

So you settled the matter with Natty amicably on the spot, did you?

Natty still spoke in the Delaware language, and of course was not understood.

The chief speaker was the man who had been mentioned by Natty as Billy Kirby.