Naturalism [noun]

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What he means by Naturalism we shall proceed shortly to explain.

The excess of sentimentalism had given rise to the other extreme of naturalism.

Maupassant was the man of his period, and his period was that of Naturalism.

But the prevailing philosophy of that day among the students was naturalism.

Even in subject, as Brunn remarks, this naturalism is apparent.

Degas was in the habit of calling him the Bouguereau of Naturalism.

John was a compound of romanticism, pietism, realism, and naturalism.

In naturalism, it never went to the extremes of the other Scandinavian literature.

Romanticism is dead to-day, as dead as Naturalism; but Baudelaire is alive, and is read.

It was this question which brought man to atheism, materialism, naturalism.