Naturalize [verb]

Definition of Naturalize:

confer citizenship upon

Synonyms of Naturalize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Naturalize:


Sentence/Example of Naturalize:

Seemingly there was an attempt to naturalize "all Greece and Rome."

A bill to naturalize the Prince was, of course, indispensable.

In like manner the attempt to naturalize avant-courier in the shape of vancurrier has failed.

The attempt to naturalize them in France, or any Continental nation, he regards as mischievous quackery.

There are certain grasses that will naturalize themselves there—for instance, clover, blue-joint, and timothy.

Pasdeloup has splendidly welcomed the illustrious guest that he endeavours to introduce and to naturalize in France.

In 1849 a bill was passed to naturalize women who married native-born or naturalized subjects.

Michigan was in all probability the first American institution to naturalize these products of Continental universities.

He purchased a considerable estate, and made experiments on those kinds of tillage that he hoped to naturalize in that climate.

A few words on the latest attempt which has been made to naturalize an exotic bird in England will not seem out of place here.