Naught [adjective]

Definition of Naught:


Synonyms of Naught:

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Sentence/Example of Naught:

So it seemed that they had naught to fear, save the daily chance of life and death.

Of that performance let naught be spoken, save in reverence.

I mind the time when her yellow arms were naught but bone and parchment.

They, having eaten, had naught to do, and were only waiting a decent hour for departure.

This time he thought he was dead himself; he was naught but an empty sepulchre.

Between her and the young men there was naught but happy affection.

He asked the forest-keepers, but they could tell him naught.

But in the kangaroo figure, the burden is slightly shifted and naught is amiss.

They had naught but this pressure of hands to appease their feelings.

Naught else was needed to the few souls that cared for her memory.