Naughtily [adverb]

Definition of Naughtily:


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Sentence/Example of Naughtily:

And it is not true, is it, that you naughtily assaulted a gentleman of the Court?

But you promise, when you revisit the library, not to behave so naughtily again?

"It seems to me that you'd better read this yourself," she said, naughtily.

Out of doubt their clamours and stirs be to none other end, but to maintain more shamefully and naughtily ill-gotten things.

"It must be a relief to find we don't squint or hobble on crutches," added Dulcie naughtily.

"That wouldn't make very much difference," she replied, naughtily.

For she was naughtily aware of Dudley Sowerby's distaste for the story and disgust with the damsel Delphica.

She saw him cast a glance over her neat, walking costume, as he approached, and naughtily determined to prolong his uncertainty.

You naughtily implied something of that kind just when you were running away from me.

But we shant, whispered Mollie, naughtily to Barbara, under cover of general conversation.