Naughtiness [noun]

Definition of Naughtiness:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Naughtiness:

Sentence/Example of Naughtiness:

And somehow you knew it wasn't your naughtiness that made her cry.

And all this grief Emily brought upon her friends by her own naughtiness.

The second "naughtiness" will be found in "Arrows of the Chace," Vol.

Fancy Mary Gladstone forgiving me even that second naughtiness!

But, you see, I have taken a great fancy to her in spite of her naughtiness.

We know our vulgarity and the naughtiness of our own hearts.

She clung to him like a child wearied with its own naughtiness.

How often Philippa worried her with her whims and naughtiness, and yet how patient and good she was!

Well, they have to suffer for their own naughtiness, and that does grieve me!

My dear mistress, it is love, not naughtiness, that asks the question—but what does this mean?