Nausea [noun]

Definition of Nausea:

sickness in stomach; revulsion

Synonyms of Nausea:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nausea:

Sentence/Example of Nausea:

I gave a sort of assent--attended with nausea--and turned to my saddle, but he clung.

Then, too, the evil smells of the fish market brought him nausea.

Again the nausea came on; again the succession of blurred views.

Phil and Ione were attacked by nausea until, again, they had to lie down.

There was an exultation in Jon's heart that deadened the hunger and washed away the nausea.

In the relief of getting it in black and white, the nausea abated.

There was a nausea upon him, and he could not recall the air he wished to write.

So violent was my emotion that a feeling almost of nausea overcame me.

In the silence his nausea lessened and the chill sweat dried upon him.

But it was not her memory, because her mind felt free of the nausea it used to bring.