Nave [noun]

Definition of Nave:

middle point

Synonyms of Nave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nave:

Sentence/Example of Nave:

On most Sundays doth he preach here in the nave to all sorts of folk.

The nave of the church is Decorated, and has beautiful windows of that period.

The nave was slowly filled, the men being at the right and the women at the left.

The nave, then as now, was the charge of the parish; the chancel, of the rector.

Saxon arches separating the nave from the aisles and chancel are plain.

Many were cruciform, and consisted of nave, transepts, and chancel.

The nave of the church is now filled with seats for the use of the congregation.

They were too numerous to be counted, they studded the nave with stars of great price.

"It is better that I did not meet him," he said, with nave conviction.

It planted itself in the centre of the nave and grew there monstrously.