Navel [adjective]

Definition of Navel:

of the navel

Synonyms of Navel:

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Sentence/Example of Navel:

It was like no wound on Earth—raw, crazy pain which started like a burn at his navel.

Then again, in the human body the central point is naturally the navel.

It is often seen at the navel and sometimes in the groin as early as the second week.

He picked up a navel orange, and pointing to the navel said, "What is that?"

If this is so, "el Cuzco" has the significance of "the Navel" (of the World).

Long before this, as a rule, the navel has to the child been an object of curiosity.

They are fox-colored, with their navel on their back, towards the back part of their bodies.

(If it is) suspended below (the navel, it is called) adhopavita.

Yet these devils have spread that she has holes in her legs, and runs at her navel, and I know not what.

By its navel it is joined to the stem that issues from the root.