Navies [noun]

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As one result of this, our Navy ranks larger, in comparison, than it ever did before.

I went down to the Post Office once and got a bill about the Navy!

"That's of course, if he was a captain in the British navy," said Mr. Palmer.

It was afterwards understood that he was destined for the navy.

I entered the navy, then, for the first time, as a common Jack.

The intention, evidently, was to swallow us all in the enormous maw of the British navy.

He was not in the line of promotion, and probably left the navy at the peace.

There are two Captains Cooper in the navy,--father and son,--but neither had been in the Sterling.

These consisted of a family, of which the head was said to be, or to have been, an admiral in the Dutch navy.

The army, the navy, and nine tenths of the people of England were Protestants.