Navigates [verb]

Definition of Navigates:

guide along route, often over water

Synonyms of Navigates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Navigates:

Sentence/Example of Navigates:

I ain't so much of a wreck yet but that I can navigate Boston without a pilot.

It was a misty, black night, and Trumet sidewalks were uneven and hard to navigate.

Will you pledge me your honour, if I release you upon parole, that you will navigate us thither?

These are difficult seas to navigate, though they may not seem so.

But how are you going to navigate this craft home with three men?

We tried to build rafts, but we were too weak to navigate them.

He could navigate his vessel along the coast almost blindfold.

We had lost our boathook, and had nothing whatever to navigate our craft with.

Do you think it's safe for us to try to navigate that shaft in the dark?

Taggi had been knocked out, but now he was able to navigate again.