Navigating [verb]

Definition of Navigating:

guide along route, often over water

Synonyms of Navigating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Navigating:

Sentence/Example of Navigating:

Most Serene Prince: I have been engaged in navigating from my youth.

Mr. Kincaide, will you take the first watch as navigating officer?

He had just entered the navigating room in response to my order.

I wonder, sir, if you could come to the navigating room at once?

Yes, sir, yes, sir; but can't you see that I am not navigating a balloon?

Turgan, will you take charge of the navigating after I plot a course?

There the difficulty of navigating amongst the ice grew greater.

Never before had the power of navigating the skies been proved so thoroughly.

Sleeping in the canoes, or navigating them in the dark, was impossible.

In navigating a ship you must take into account the amount of this Variation.