Navigational [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Navigational:

They're designed so any fool can tell what to do, and the navigational settings are completely automatic.

While this satisfied local pride it led to much geographical and navigational confusion.

Many marine disasters are attributed to failure to make sufficient use of the lead, the simplest of navigational aids.

The middle screen presented a magnified view of the navigational globe on the bridge.

Safe passage across the seas, especially from the navigational point of view, provided much food for thought.

If only they would continue to illuminate the atmosphere our navigational difficulties would be enormously reduced.

(e) Masters were cautioned to hug the coast, as far as navigational facilities admitted, when making coastal passages.

The five wrecks show that navigational difficulties are increased in war-time.

She seemed to show more interest in the radar screen, the navigational equipment, and the communications system.

He cut every corner he knew, used every trick of navigational skill he had ever learned.