Nawabs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nawabs:

The Nawab was in fact detained a prisoner at Haïl for about two months.

Does the Nawab think any one could have come to him without my knowledge?

Doa Maria was also a welcome guest in the Nawab of Moodgul's family.

He did not like the manner with which the Nawab regarded his sister.

The "Nawab," too, had other troubles which were even harder to bear.

His sister came to him, and the Nawab kindly explained what they would have to do.

The Nawab has a guest, too, a cousin, in whom I am much interested.

The action of the Nawab had roused all Zra's dormant energy.

Of course the Governor-General was not responsible for the Nawab's methods.

The task of chastising the nawab was at once made over to him.