Nearing [adjective]

Definition of Nearing:


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Sentence/Example of Nearing:

Are we nearing the light—a day of freedom and of peace for all mankind?

It was nearing sundown when Kingozi emerged from his tent and gave the signal to move.

The coachman, nearing the goal, had given the horse his head.

The doctor is nearing them rapidly; they can imagine the shepherd's tartan.

The hands of the clock on the front of the Strangers' Gallery were nearing six.

The ship was nearing port, and a heavy cleaning was in progress.

Christmas was nearing, and Mrs. Wilcox felt behindhand with the presents.

Mrs. Lake's term as president of Scarford Chapter was nearing its end.

By the time it is nearing completion it has become to him a very real edifice.

I was nearing the end of the operation when she came over to watch.