Nearly [adverb]

Definition of Nearly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Nearly:


Sentence/Example of Nearly:

They had also taken the two available guns, and nearly all the ammunition.

In his pocket there were nearly two hundred dollars, not likely to be of any service to him.

I've wasted nearly three hours here now, dilly-dallying along.

It was to be at his free disposal, and this was nearly the same thing as owning it.

In the hands of nearly every third person was a printed paper.

It is found in nearly all the published speeches of him who now addresses you.

And even after nearly 225 years, we have a long way yet to travel.

In a pinch they would obey you nearly as well as they obey me.

From that day for nearly a fortnight there were busy doings in the house.

And poor as they were they were nearly as good as anything he had done hitherto.