Nearsighted [adjective]

Definition of Nearsighted:


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Sentence/Example of Nearsighted:

Sarah Farraday peered closely at her through her nearsighted eyes.

Miss Anstice peered here and there in her nearsighted fashion.

Persons that have unduly long eyeballs are, therefore, nearsighted.

Then they found out that I was too nearsighted to steer by the compass, and that was the end of it.

They were all in the brightness of the street light now, and Sarah brought her nearsighted gaze close to Jane's glowing face.

The superintendent peered at Moya in his nearsighted fashion over the glasses on his nose.

"It is a pity," said Tom's aunt, turning her nearsighted blue eyes on him in amazement and displeasure.

There never was a man too nearsighted to see the look of admiration in a pretty woman's eyes.

She had her arms outstretched and such an eager look in her nearsighted eyes that Frieda flew straight to her.

Nor was Aleck Douglas nearsighted; he saw the movement and his bearded underlip met his shaven underlip in a straight line.