Necessitated [verb]

Definition of Necessitated:

call for, make necessary

Synonyms of Necessitated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Necessitated:

Sentence/Example of Necessitated:

This necessitated four of them sleeping on the floor each night.

Yes, but it is also inevitable, necessitated by the nature of the human character.

The geography of Asia and of Africa necessitated a nomadic life.

The meager record of Florida necessitated about thirty letters of inquiry.

But such was his disguise that Bounder was necessitated to rub his eyes.

The recognition of them   necessitated their being done away with.

And this necessitated farmers, processors, packagers, and food stores.

This necessitated a new count and a much more difficult one.

Some changes in the cabinet were necessitated by the death of Fox.

Man, little as he may suppose it, is necessitated to obey superiors.